Why is the video link "not found"? I know you were fixing it yesterday..Love the new layout though!

because i iz a dummy lol it’s fixed. thank you!

how do know if your vagina has a fish smell? and if it does how do you get rid of it?

because it smells… like fish? not trying to be snarky lol that’s literally the only way you know what it smells like. you need to see a doctor as soon as possible because it’s likely bacterial vaginosis.

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i’m so lazy in choosing a new theme that i’m clicking on random followers to see if they have cool ass themes. thank u for your unintentional help, friends.



don’t trust people who don’t support you as you try to grow into a more mature and self-realized person. don’t confide in people who aren’t as interested in your triumphs as they are in your downfalls.

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age 20

20 years old


when parents make sex jokes around you thinking you don’t get itimage

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Glo, New Orleans, 2014


Glo was 19yo when we shot this, in case anyone wonders.

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© Feliz Paloma González

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